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tom petty karaoke songs

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Are you looking for the best karaoke songs to belt out? Look no further than the music of Tom Petty. His extensive catalog of hits is sure to get any karaoke night going. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a karaoke newbie, there’s something for everyone on this list. Here’s a look at some of the best Tom Petty karaoke songs that will get your crowd singing along. 

Who Is Tom Petty?

Tom Petty first made a name for himself in 1976 with his band The Heartbreakers, releasing their debut album that same year. It contained hit songs like “Breakdown” and “American Girl,” which would become staples on classic rock radio stations for decades to come. His signature style—a blend of bluesy rock riffs and powerful lyrics—would define his sound throughout his career. 

The 1980s saw Petty’s popularity skyrocket as he released multiple albums that were certified gold or platinum in both the United States and Canada. His most successful album during this period was 1985’s Southern Accents, which featured such classics as “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Make It Better (Forget About Me).”

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List Of The Best Tom Petty Songs

Best Tom Petty karaoke songs

From its origins to modern interpretations, let’s uncover the best Tom petty songs;

1. Free Fallin

This classic was released in 1989 and remains one of Tom Petty’s most beloved songs. It has a catchy melody and easy-to-remember lyrics that make it a favorite among karaoke singers everywhere. Plus, its relatable message about being free from the worries of life makes it perfect for expressing emotion during your performance. This song is sure to get your crowd singing along. Song tracks outages and protects its content from any third party.

2. I Won’t Back Down

This hit from Petty’s first solo album was released in 1989 and features some of his most powerful lyrics. It has a driving beat and passionate chorus that creates the perfect karaoke environment for belting out Petty’s words of strength and resilience. Throughout the song, Petty uses vivid language and metaphors to emphasize his point that he won’t give up no matter what life throws at him. This imagery conveys both strength and determination while also emphasizing how our lives are often unpredictable—but we should keep going nonetheless. 

3. Learning To Fly

This introspective song was released in 1991 and features a more subdued sound than some of Petty’s other hits. Its thoughtful lyrics and gentle melody make it the perfect choice for karaoke nights when you want to slow things down and take a break from the upbeat numbers.  The song speaks of life’s struggles and how we can find hope even in our darkest moments. It is sure to provide an emotional moment during your karaoke performance that will leave everyone in the room feeling inspired.

4. Refugee

This classic rock staple from the late 70s is sure to get your crowd singing along with its infectious chorus and memorable melody. Its hopeful lyrics about escaping everyday struggles make it a great pick for those looking to evoke emotion during their performance.  The song’s upbeat tempo and driving guitar licks make it ideal for getting people in the karaoke spirit.

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5. Mary Jane’s Last Dance

Top Tom Petty karaoke songs

Released in 1993, Mary Jane’s last dance song has become an iconic addition to Petty’s extensive catalog. It has a fun, upbeat vibe that will get your crowd singing along with its infectious chorus and memorable melody. Its timeless message about living life to the fullest is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who hear it. With its easy-to-remember lyrics and upbeat tempo, this song is a great choice for any karaoke night. No matter what your tastes are, Tom Petty has something for you in his extensive discography.

6. Into The Great Wide Open

This upbeat track from 1991 is an excellent pick for those looking to inject some energy into their karaoke set. Its optimistic lyrics and catchy chorus make it the perfect choice for getting your crowd singing along with its uplifting message.

7. You Don’t Know How It Feels

This classic from Petty’s 1994 album Wildflowers is packed with emotion and features some of his most heartfelt lyrics. Its slow, bluesy rhythm creates the perfect atmosphere for expressing yourself through your performance. With its passionate chorus and thought-provoking lyrics, this song is sure to move your audience.

8. Runnin’ Down A Dream

Released in 1989, this upbeat song has become an enduring favorite among Petty fans. It’s catchy chorus and memorable melody make it a great pick for karaoke nights when you want to get your crowd singing along. Its inspiring lyrics about never giving up and chasing your dreams are sure to leave an impression.

9. Don’t Do Me Like That

This classic from 1979 is sure to get your crowd singing along with its driving beat and catchy chorus. Its relatable lyrics about a broken relationship make it the perfect choice for those looking to express themselves through their performance.

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10. You Wreck Me

This upbeat song from 1994 is a fan favorite and gets everyone singing along with its memorable chorus and driving beat. Its uplifting message about overcoming adversity makes it the perfect pick for those looking to inject some energy into their set.

11. American Girl

This classic from 1976 is sure to get your crowd singing along with its infectious melody and timeless lyrics. Its hopeful message about freedom and independence makes it a great pick for those looking to evoke emotion through their performance.

12. Here Comes My Girl

This upbeat song from 1979 is an enduring fan favorite and features some of Petty’s most memorable lyrics. Its catchy chorus and driving beat to make it the perfect choice for getting your crowd singing along with its uplifting message.

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What is Tom Petty’s signature song?

Tom Petty's signature song

Without a doubt, it’s Free Fallin’. This classic 1989 hit from Petty’s debut solo album is one of the most beloved and ubiquitous rock songs ever. It has been played in countless movies, covered by other artists, and performed live at nearly every single one of his concerts. 

With its simple but effective structure and catchy chorus, Free Fallin’ remains an indelible part of American culture to this day. It’s no wonder that Tom Petty chose this song as his signature work. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, if you hear Free Fallin’ playing somewhere you can’t help but sing along! And no matter how many times we hear it, it never gets old. 

That’s why this song will always remain Tom Petty’s signature work. It has stood the test of time and remains strong as ever, cementing its place in music history forever. So if you’re ever asked what Tom Petty’s signature song is, you can answer with confidence: Free Fallin’. The classic rock anthem that still gives us chills every time we hear it!

Who influenced Tom Petty?

The singer-songwriter was greatly influenced by 1950s rock and roll music, particularly Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. He also appreciated the work of Bob Dylan, who he often credited with inspiring some of his songs. His songwriting style was heavily shaped by his appreciation for classic Americana styles of roots music, which can be heard in many of his hits. 

In addition to these influences, Petty was inspired by other contemporary acts like Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen. Tom Petty had a wide range of sources that informed his unique blend of American music. Tom Petty’s timeless legacy continues to live on today in both his musical catalog and influence on modern artists who cite him as a major influence. 

His work is especially evident in the music of countless rock bands, folk singers, and country acts. Ultimately, Tom Petty’s unique blend of genres has helped shape modern Americana music as we know it today. With so many lasting influences, it’s no wonder that fans continue to appreciate his classic tracks.

What topics did Tom Petty play in his music?

Topics on Tom Petty songs

Tom Petty was an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with the Heartbreakers. He often wrote about topics such as freedom, personal relationships, and resilience. Some of his most popular songs include “You Don’t Know How It Feels” among others. 

Tom Petty’s music has been cited by several artists over the years; notably Bruce Springsteen who described him as one of America’s great songwriters. His influence continues to live on through his timeless albums that feature some of his most famous songs. Tom Petty’s legacy will live forever in his music, which continues to be enjoyed by new generations of fans.

How would you describe Tom Petty’s music?

It’s hard to pinpoint his style, but one thing is for sure it’s unforgettable! His songs are often heartfelt and melodic, with a touch of Americana twang. He was a master storyteller through song, skillfully weaving tales that touched the hearts of millions. One of his most popular hits perfectly encapsulates this tendency toward storytelling in music. 

Tom Petty’s music is a unique type that has earned him a place in the pantheon of American songwriters. With his signature twangy guitar licks, catchy choruses, and poetic lyrics, he created songs that are as immediately recognizable as they are timeless. Tom Petty was a master storyteller whose music will continue to bring joy to fans around the world for many years to come.

What is the genre of Tom Petty music?

Genre of Tom Petty music

Tom Petty was a singer-songwriter and musician who rose to fame in the mid-1970s. His musical style encompassed rock, country, folk, and elements of blues and reggae – it could best be described as a hybrid of many different genres. He blended together elements from all these styles to create his signature sound.

While mostly associated with classic rock, Tom Petty’s music has been described as “heartland rock,” a type of American roots rock from the 1970s and 80s. He also incorporated elements of folk and country, which can be heard in some of his more mellow acoustic songs. No matter what genre you would call it, Tom Petty’s music was always heartfelt and honest. Even if it didn’t fit squarely within a single genre, his music was always timeless and beloved by fans.

Tom Petty’s influence on rock music remains strong to this day and is sure to live on for generations to come. His unique blend of sounds will be remembered as one of the most influential contributions to American rock ‘n’ roll.

Below are the popular Tom Petty songs:

Song Title Album Year Released
Free Fallin’ Full Moon Fever 1989
I Won’t Back Down Full Moon Fever 1989
Learning To Fly Into The Great Wide Open 1991
Refugee Damn The Torpedoes 1979
Runnin’ Down A Dream Full Moon Fever 1989
American Girl Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 1976
The Waiting Hard Promises 1981
Mary Jane’s Last Dance Greatest Hits 1993
You Don’t Know How It Feels Wildflowers 1994
Breakdown Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 1976
Don’t Come Around Here No More Southern Accents 1985
Into The Great Wide Open Into The Great Wide Open 1991

What was Tom Petty’s last hit?

The answer is “Hypnotic Eye.” Tom Petty’s final studio album was released in 2014, and it featured the hit single “Hypnotic Eye.” This song reached number one on Billboard’s Rock Airplay Chart and made it to number 6 on the Hot 100. It was Tom Petty’s last major chart success before his untimely death in 2017. 

Although no new music has been released since then, his legacy lives on through this memorable hit. Fans can still listen to “Hypnotic Eye” and all of Tom Petty’s classic songs today.

When was Tom Petty popular?

Tom Petty enjoyed immense popularity during the late 70s and 80s. His debut album, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was released in 1976 and quickly established him as a powerhouse musician. His success continued into the early 90s with his smash hits. 

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002 and remained an influential figure in rock music until he died in 2017. Despite being gone for several years now, Tom Petty still has legions of fans who continue to listen to his timeless music.

How many albums did Tom Petty sell?

Well, the rock legend sold over 80 million records over his career. He released 13 studio albums and sold an estimated 20 million of those records in the US alone! Along with these studio albums, Tom Petty also released 3 live albums, 4 compilation albums, and countless singles that further contributed to his sales numbers! 

His most successful album was Full Moon Fever which sold 5 million copies in the US and 10 million worldwide. It’s no wonder why this legendary artist is a household name!

Bottom Line

Tom Petty’s vast catalog of music is sure to have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an old classic or a more modern hit, there is sure to be a song that will get your crowd singing along and leave them feeling inspired. One tip in the ending is to maintain Google services and protect the content, using song track outages. So next time you’re at karaoke night, don’t forget to pull out some Tom Petty and show the world why he will always be one of rock ‘n roll’s greatest performers.

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