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Whether you’re looking to show off your vocal skills or just want to have a good time, karaoke is always a blast. If you’re a tenor, you’ll want to check out these 12 best karaoke songs for tenors.

From classic anthems to modern pop music hits, there’s something for everyone on this list. So grab your friends and get ready for some singing fun!

12 Best Karaoke Songs For Tenors

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“Livin’ On A Prayer” — Bon Jovi

if you’re looking for the best popular karaoke songs for tenors, look no further than “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi. This karaoke classic rock music is perfect for anyone who loves to sing with power and passion, especially the backstreet boys.

The soaring chorus is tailor-made for tenors, and the verses provide plenty of opportunity to show off your vocal range. Plus, the catchy hook will make sure that everyone in the room knows all the words by the end of the song.

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“Don’t Stop Believin’” — Journey

As any singer knows, choosing the right song is essential for a successful karaoke performance. The song should be one that you know well and can sing with confidence. It should also be a fantastic song that highlights your vocal range during the karaoke performances.

For tenors, there are a few songs that fit this bill perfectly. “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey is a great song to choose for tenors looking to show off their powerful vocal range.

The iconic opening line, Just a small-town girl, livin’ in a lonely world, is perfect for showing off the lower end of your range. And the chorus gives you a chance to really let loose and show off your powerful vocal chops.

Top Karaoke Songs For Tenors

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“Just The Way You Are,” — Bruno Mars

There are lots of great songs out there for tenors to show off their vocal range, but these twelve are some of the best. “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars is a perfect example of a song that really allows tenors to shine. The higher notes in the chorus are particularly well-suited for tenors, and the song’s overall energy makes it perfect for karaoke.

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“Someone Like You” — Adele

Adele’s “Someone Like You” is a heart-wrenching ballad that showcases the power of her voice. The lyrics are simple but effective, and the song builds to a powerful climax.

As a result, it’s one of the best karaoke love tonight for tenors. The key to singing this song well is to connect with the emotion behind the lyrics. Adele’s performance is both raw and vulnerable, and tenors should aim to capture that same feeling.

“Karma Chameleon,” — Culture Club

This ’80s pop classic is perfect for tenors who want to show off their range. The song starts out in a lower register but quickly ascends into the higher ranges, giving tenors a chance to show off their vocal chops. Plus, the catchy melody and energetic beat make it a lot of fun to sing.

Singing Karaoke Songs For Tenors

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“Love Yourself,” — Justin Bieber

“Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber is an excellent choice for any tenor. The song starts in a lower register but has a few high notes that will really show off your vocal range. The lyrics are also relatively simple, so you won’t have to worry about memorizing too many words.

“This Love,” — Maroon 5

If you’re looking for the perfect karaoke song to show off your tenor skills, look no further than “This Love” by Maroon 5. The catchy melody and upbeat tempo

are sure to get the party started, and the lyrics are straightforward enough that even those who are tone-deaf can sing along without too much difficulty.

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“I’m Not The Only One” — Sam Smith

If you’re looking for the next karaoke night songs for tenors, you can’t go wrong with “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith. This emotional ballad is perfect for showing off your vocal range, and the lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever been in a troubled relationship.

With its simple piano accompaniment, this song is also easy to sing without a backing track. Whether you’re belting out the chorus in a crowded bar or crooning the verses at a family gathering, “I’m Not the Only One” is sure to impress.

“Somebody To Love” — Queen

“Somebody To Love” by Queen is an ideal choice for tenors who want to show off their powerful vocal range. The song begins with a soft and mellow verse before building to a soaring chorus that will truly showcase your vocal abilities.

“Fireflies” — Owl City

Looking for the best karaoke songs for tenors? Look no further than “Fireflies” by Owl City. This soaring pop ballad is perfect for showing off your vocal range, and the catchy chorus will have everyone in the room singing karaoke songs along. If you’re looking for a fun and upbeat song that’s challenging, “Fireflies” is a perfect choice.

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“Three Little Birds” — Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” is the Best Karaoke Song For Tenors. The song is perfect for beginners because the melody is repetitive and easy to follow. The lyrics are also positive and upbeat, making it a great choice for an uplifting sing-along.

Additionally, the song’s moderate tempo makes it easy to stay on pitch. As a result, “Three Little Birds” is an ideal choice for tenors who are looking to boost their confidence on stage.

“Bad Guy” — Billie Eilish

If you’re looking for the best karaoke songs for tenors, look no further than “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish. This song is perfect for tenors because of its catchy melody and easy-to-sing lyrics.

Additionally, the song’s emotionally charged lyrics are perfect for belting out on a karaoke stage. So if you’re looking for a song that will show off your vocal range and get the crowd singing along, “Bad Guy” is a perfect choice.

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Karaoke Songs For Tenors

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What can a tenor sing?

They are usually the highest male vocal range in choirs and can carry a melody or harmony well. Tenors often cover a wide variety of styles, including classical music, musical theater, rock and pop, gospel, jazz, folk songs, opera, and blues. 

Many tenors are also proficient in improvisation. With the right training and technique, tenors can reach impressive heights with their singing abilities. This includes hitting powerful high notes that few other singers could pull off! With their wider range and ability to hold melodies for extended periods of time, tenors make great lead soloists. 

They are also great for singing duets or harmonies with other singers and can be used to great effect in both cappella groups and choirs. No matter the genre, tenors always bring a unique sound that adds something special to any musical performance. Tenors should strive to develop their technique and learn proper vocal exercises to maximize their potential as singers. 

This includes learning how to breathe correctly, warm up their voices before singing, use good vocal projection and articulation, support their voices when belting out high notes, and use vibrato to add texture and emotionality to their singing. With the right training from an experienced vocal coach or instructor, tenors can become even more powerful performers who can confidently take on any song.

Is tenor the rarest voice?

Tenor the uncommon voice

While the tenor is not the rarest voice type, it is certainly one of the less common ones. Tenors typically make up only a small percentage of singers in any given vocal group or choir. For example, in a standard classical chorus, tenors may comprise anywhere from 10-20% of the total number of voices. This can vary depending on the size and makeup of the ensemble.

Additionally, some genres tend to have higher percentages of tenors than others (such as pop music). Ultimately, while there are many different types of voices out there, tenor remains one of the less common ones overall.

What songs should a tenor sing?

Generally, tenors should sing songs with a range in the middle of their vocal range. Songs for a tenor should have notes beginning at A2 and extending up to F4 or higher. Most male pop and rock singers are tenors, so many popular songs can be sung by this voice type. For example, some classic songs suitable for a tenor are “My Girl” by The Temptations, “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John, and “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown. 

Tenors also tend to sound good singing ballads like “Your Song” by Elton John or Broadway show tunes such as “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” from musical Oklahoma! In addition to pop and rock songs, tenors can sing classical music. Tenors often perform pieces from famous operas, such as the aria “E lucevan le stelle” from Puccini’s Tosca or the duet “La ci darem la mano” from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Another appropriate repertoire for a tenor includes lieder by Schubert and choral works by Bach. 

In summary, songs for tenors should cover a range of styles and genres, with notes ranging from A2 to F4 or higher. Popular songs like “My Girl” by The Temptations, opera arias such as Puccini’s lively “E lucevan le stelle”, and classic choral works such as Bach’s motet “Jesu meine Freude” are all great choices for this voice type. With the help of an experienced vocal teacher, tenors can learn to fully utilize their unique capabilities.

Below is a list of Tenor songs you can sing:

Song Title Artist Year Released
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 1975
Don’t Stop Believin’ Journey 1981
Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi 1986
Highway to Hell AC/DC 1979
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond 1969
Friends in Low Places Garth Brooks 1990
Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams 1984
Sweet Child o’ Mine Guns N’ Roses 1987
Livin’ La Vida Loca Ricky Martin 1999
Wonderwall Oasis 1995
My Way Frank Sinatra 1969
Can’t Help Falling in Love Elvis Presley 1961

What key do tenors sing in?

Keys for tenors singgers

Tenors typically have the highest singing voice range and they usually sing between C3 and A4, which is slightly lower than sopranos. The most common keys for tenor voices are F major, G major, D minor, E minor, B-flat major, and A major. They can also sing other keys as long as they are comfortable with them. 

It is important to remember that when choosing a key for any singer’s vocal range, it should always be within their vocal capabilities to ensure the best sound possible. Additionally, proper warmups before hitting higher notes in each key can help expand the range of notes a tenor may be able to reach in order for them to better execute songs during performances.  Therefore, by understanding what key tenors typically sing in and how to warm up, singers can become more comfortable and confident as they reach for higher notes.

How do I train my voice to sing tenor?

Training your voice to sing tenor requires dedication, practice, and patience. You must work on the quality of your sound as well as expand your vocal range. Start by warming up with basic breath exercises like humming or lip trills. This will help you ease into singing without straining your vocal cords. 

Next, experiment with different types of scales and intervals to hit higher notes. Make sure you’re using proper breathing techniques while doing so inhale deeply before singing each phrase and exhale after completing it. Once you feel comfortable enough with the upper range, focus on mastering the lower notes in order to reach for a truly tenor sound. 

Finally, once you have mastered the basics of technique, start working on interpreting songs with emotion and style. Sing along with a karaoke track and vary your volume, pitch, and timing to find the sound that you are looking for. With enough practice, you can become a great tenor singer!

At what age does a tenor voice mature?

Maturing age of a tenor voice

Generally, a tenor voice will begin to mature around the age of 17 or 18 as vocal cords develop and strengthen. The full potential of a tenor singing voice usually develops by the mid-20s, when a singer’s vocal range expands and becomes more expressive due to increased control over their instrument. 

However, some singers may experience their voice maturing sooner or later than this. It is important for singers of any age to practice singing regularly and work with an experienced vocal coach in order to maximize the potential of their tenor voices.


There are many great songs for tenors to sing in karaoke, but these twelve are some of the best. They span a variety of genres and styles, so there’s sure to be something here that everyone will enjoy singing.

And who knows? Maybe with enough practice, you can become the next big thing in karaoke.

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