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beyonce karaoke songs

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If you’re looking for the best Beyonce karaoke songs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a list of twelve of her best tracks to get your karaoke party started. Whether you’re looking for something sassy and upbeat or soulful and emotional, we’ve got you covered. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to slay the karaoke stage!

Single Ladies

When “Single Ladies” first came out, it quickly became a sensation. The catchy tune, the fun dance moves, and the empowering lyrics all came together to create a song that was both catchy and meaningful. The catchy beat and melody make it easy to sing along, but the message is what resonates with listeners. In a world where women are often objectified and treated as second-class citizens, “Single Ladies” reminds us that we are powerful and deserve respect.

Love on Top

If you’re looking for an upbeat song that will have everyone singing along, then “Love on Top” is a perfect choice. With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, this is one of Beyonce’s most iconic songs. It talks about love in all its forms — from first crushes to everlasting romance — and the lyrics are simple enough for even novice singers to remember. So if you want something fun and uplifting, this is your go-to karaoke jam!

Crazy in Love

This is one of Beyonce’s most famous songs, and it’s easy to see why. The upbeat tempo and sexy lyrics make it an excellent choice for karaoke. Plus, the chorus is easy to remember, so you can really show off your singing skills. If you want to add extra energy to your performance, include iconic dance moves from the music video!


beyonce karaoke songs

If you’re looking for something more soulful and passionate, then “Irreplaceable” is just what you need. This heartbreaking ballad captures all the complicated emotions that come with love and relationships. And while it might not be as energetic as other Beyonce songs, its powerful lyrics will bring the house down.

Daddy Lessons

Another empowering song from Beyonce, “Daddy Lessons,” is a powerful and profoundly personal tune. It celebrates the love between a daughter and her father and their shared lessons passed down through generations. The strong drums provide a driving beat behind the heartfelt lyrics, making it an excellent karaoke choice for any group.


“XO” is another uplifting and powerful song from Beyonce. The chorus of “You love me, I say/ XO, you kill me, you know” is an inspiring reminder that we must cherish and protect the people we love. The upbeat melody makes it perfect for singing along with friends or on karaoke nights! You can’t help but feel empowered when singing this song alongside the ladies put a ring version.


beyonce karaoke songs

No list of Beyonce karaoke songs would be complete without her massive hit “Halo.” This beautiful ballad is full of emotion, and the soaring melody makes it easy to belt out on karaoke night. The powerful lyrics remind us that even in our darkest moments, we are not alone and can find strength in love. It’s sure to bring a room together with its uplifting message! You can’t help but feel empowered when singing this song.

If I Were a Boy

“If I Were a Boy” is a perfect choice for a little more mellow. This beautiful ballad explores gender roles and stereotypes in a significant way. The heartfelt lyrics will surely bring everyone together and get everyone singing along. Plus, the gentle melody makes it easy to remember, even for novice karaoke singers! The message is powerful and inspiring, making it a fantastic karaoke selection.

Run The World (Girls)

A fan favorite, this empowering jam is all about female empowerment. With a driving beat and inspirational lyrics such as “It’s hot up in here, time to run this town,” Run the World (Girls) celebrates female power and strength. This classic tune will get any crowd pumped up and dancing at your next karaoke night! Talking of the rhythm, Run The World (Girls) is a must-have on your Beyonce karaoke playlist. The combination of the beat and the lyrics will make it a memorable performance for you and your friends.


The perfect choice for an empowering group sing-along, “Survivor” sends a strong message that we will never give up no matter what life throws our way. The infectious beat encourages everyone to clap along while singing the motivational lyrics. The peace and hope of the chorus inspire us to stay strong and find the inner strength we need to tackle our obstacles. As we listen to the uplifting tune, we are reminded that we can be survivors no matter what life brings. So crank up this song and get ready for an empowering tribute to survival!

Say my Name

If you’re looking for a playful and sultry karaoke tune, then “Say My Name” is just what you need. With its catchy beat and flirtatious lyrics, this classic hit from Destiny’s Child will have the crowd singing along in no time. Well, we all know that it is not a Beyonce solo song, but it is one of her best performances as a part of the group. Get ready to show off your sexy side as you belt out those iconic words—it’s a must-have for any Beyonce karaoke night! This makes it ideal for a fun and flirty karaoke night with friends.

Love On Top

beyonce karaoke songs

For those who prefer to stick to solo Beyonce songs, “Love on Top” is definitely the way to go. This upbeat love song will get everyone singing and dancing along in no time. With its strong drums and infectious melody, it’s sure to bring the house down! So put this classic hit on your karaoke playlist for an uplifting celebration of love that will elate everyone. The message herein is simple yet powerful: love is indeed on top. So let “Love on Top” be the anthem of your karaoke night, and get ready to show some love!

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Wrapping Up

Well, this is it! These are some of the best Beyonce karaoke songs that you can pick to rock your night. Whether you prefer solo tracks or duets, there’s something here for everyone. So grab your friends and get ready to show off your vocal skills with these iconic hits. We’re sure they’ll have everyone feeling empowered and uplifted in no time! 

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